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What Kind of Love?

The Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences, HeadsUP, and RYK invite you to explore with them and call or e-mail for an appointment at the above links anytime.


(Love is a wide subject and I wouldn't deem to even attempt all its values and perspectives on it,

however Love is an important part of our lives I felt it needed attention.)

The 5 Aspects of Love

  1. Romantic Love This is what we often think of when someone says love. These are the relational connections between people that enhances and open up emotional channels for deeper conversation. Deep romance can result in marriage and other long term commitments.

  2. Familial Love We all have a connection with family, sometimes great sometimes not so, but that connection is what we call familial love. Often this love within families sets the course for our relations later; we carry the emotional DNA forward and learn to use, change, and enjoy it in our lives.

  3. Spiritual Love We all have a spiritual connection of some kind, we often experience bliss moments, comfort, and piety in the expression of spiritual love, humans all have access to it. Even if we aren't religious we still have a belief in something more, a creator, or something greater than ourselves gives us a chance to feel this emotion.

  4. Nature Love We all have experienced the awe of a thunderstorm, the precision of a wave, the beauty of flowers and the strength of a tree. Nature draws out a deep ancient love that teaches us respect for all things.

  5. Self Love Self love is never egotistic or bad. There is a level of learning to love and respect for oneself that enables us to interact with others with. Self love is actually healthy when one is growing, learning and passing it on.

These are just a few aspects of love, there are many more and many more intricacies to even these. Love has a vast effect on our lives and relationships. We often experience our deepest needs and desire for help in the area of love, luckily there are those who choose a job that does exactly just that. Therapists, spiritual counselors and others such as Colleen o’callahan-miele and Dr. Patrick Scott who are there to assist folks to go through these deep emotions and coming out the other side with a new respect and awareness for capacity for love.


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