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What are You Depositing in Your Mental Bank?

Sometimes we get the idea that we can only do those things that make us money or are directly tied to our busy lives, in general. Some clients actually run a subconscious program of guilt when they do something for themselves like exercise or take time out to meditate. Have you ever felt that way? These activities are just as important to our overall health, well-being and success. Yet, so often, we put them on the back burner as not a priority.

Exercising, meditation and self-care, are probably the most important things we could be doing. Let me explain. When you’re healthy, happy and well-balanced, everything else comes together in a much easier and successful way. Whenever you do something that contributes to your overall well-being, you can make a deposit into your “mental bank.” It may not exactly be a money deposit, but perhaps, it’s much more valuable! When you’re not doing those things, a different kind of guilt can overcome you.

“I know I should (meditate/exercise/read a book/eat right,) and I feel bad about myself, because I didn’t!”

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, just like going to work allows you to deposit money in your bank account, taking care of yourself lets you make deposits into your “mental bank.” Deposits in your “mental bank” pay dividends, meaning you get so much more out of doing it, than not doing it.

Have you ever noticed how great you feel about yourself after you’ve worked out? Have you ever noticed how happy you are after a great meditation? Your good vibrations then radiate out into your environment, family, friends, co-workers and everything you do. When you’re feeling positive, healthy, vibrant, you get into a flow of good things.

So, today, acknowledge yourself for making deposits in your “mental bank” a priority and you’ll feel happier more of the time and get more done than you ever expected. Everyone benefits when you take care of you first!!!

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