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Your 2018 Goals and Regrets?

When you think about all that you set out to accomplish this year…do you feel satisfied? Take a moment and think about what you planned to do. What percentage of your goals did you accomplish? 100%? 75%? 20%....none? (There's no right or wrong can't improve if you don't know where you are.)

Manage Stress This Holiday Season, Some Ideas...

The holidays this time of year can be truly exhilarating and joyful for some and a stressful nightmare for others. Why is that? Perhaps the stress of spending money you don’t have, going into debt, trying to be everything to everyone. Or maybe it’s because you know deep down inside, you have fallen short of your reaching your dreams this year. It seems like December holidays bring to light all the things we didn’t accomplish, knowing this year is almost at a close. Maybe it's time to reflect and figure out what's important?

Some areas you’ve been wanting to improve may include: Improving your relationship(s) Making more money Investing Losing Weight Exercising More Writing that book Starting your own business Paying down that debt Buying a home or investment property Learning a new language Hiking up that mountain you’ve always wanted to conquer Visiting another country Feeding the homeless Taking up an instrument Finishing college Quitting Smoking

The things you may accomplish are as infinite as your imagination…unlimited. Looking back over this past 11.5 months….what have you accomplished? What would you like to improve on?

Why do you think you stopped yourself from achieving what you desire for yourself? Based on recent neuro-science, the secret to this challenge lies within your own mind and what you believe is possible for you…what you believe you deserve and what you believe you are capable of. Most of us have an abundance of limiting beliefs that will literally fight against our desire to do something outside of the usual comfort zone, even when we’ve made such determination a priority.

Check this out: Have you ever been to an amazing seminar with an outstanding motivational, inspirational speaker? You may have had the feeling you were unstoppable and determined to achieve your most cherished desires for yourself. The concepts and manner of delivery was so profound and powerful, you felt the absolute truth in the words and decided then and there you would not let anything hold you back from fulfilling the destiny you knew was yours.

Then, you rush home, you get on the phone, you call everyone you know and share your new found wisdom, perhaps asking them to join your team or offer up a referral, only to find others didn’t seem to care much about your enthusiasm. A few days go by and…you give up. Too many obstacles. The excitement you experienced just a few short days ago is waning…..the memory of the experience, the words, fade away very quickly and are soon forgotten completely.

The Proverbial Comfort Zone

Why is this? Your mind begins to forget the inspiration and old beliefs and patterns take back friend, you've regressed to the old "comfort zone." If we're being really honest, the comfort zone isn't really all that leads to the complacency that you wanted to change to begin with.

Sometimes it's too painful when our friends and loved ones don't share our enthusiasm.

Sometimes it's too painful when we don't keep our word with ourselves? The same sort of thing happens when you decide to drop that 25 lbs….hit the gym, eat healthy. You succeed for a week, maybe 2 or even 3…..then, something comes up, or nothing comes up, and you just stop going. You're fighting a battle with your own mind. The Good can change this.

So, what is on your Holiday Bucket List this year? Perhaps you’d like to accomplish what you set out to do in January? If that’s the case, sit down, make a list of things you wanted to do and describe what you actually accomplished and where you fell short.

There’s NO such thing as Failure….Only Growth and Learning….You can’t improve what you need to improve if you aren’t honest with yourself and take stock of where you are right now.

Be easy with yourself as you move through this process. Decide to work with your mind to create the success you truly desire. You can do this if you stay focused and positive.

Keep in mind....your friends and loved ones are living in their own mental reality....they cannot possibly know what your heart desires, nor do they typically care...this doesn't mean they are mean or selfish...they are on their own path.

Don't let others complacency or lack of excitement about your new path, stop you from creating the life of your dreams!

Keep the Vision Alive Daily!

It's up to you to stay motivated. No one else will do this for you.

Print your goals and hang them in a place you will see each day. Every morning when you get up, and every evening when you are relaxing. This will keep your focus on your desires and help minimize distractions.

Create a Vision Board. There is a lot of new science that shows creating a vision board activates a part of the brain in charge of creation.

Imagination is KING! Get some photos off the internet, or clip some out of a magazine….whatever speaks to you and motivates you toward your dream. Keep your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it often throughout the day. Whenever you have the inkling to quit or get distracted by non-productive activities…your vision board will help you stay the course.

Of course: Hypnotherapy is a GREAT way to accomplish your goals. Everything begins and ends in your mind….your beliefs about you and the world around you. Let’s start 2019 off right, release those old subconscious programs and limiting beliefs….working with your subconscious will make things that seemed difficult, much easier.

Keep working on your bucket list and don’t allow anyone or anything to fizzle your enthusiasm or get you off track from what you truly desire for yourself.

Laser Beam Focus, my friend....We're here to help.

Call us Today and Let's get you on the Right Track for 2019! You got this!

Love, Colleen

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