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Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo...What?

Exciting News for this Weekend in January 2019: We're already past mid-January...amazing how the time flies, and we're in for a treat this weekend! A very rare and powerful ocurrance is taking place...

Super Blood Wolf Moon! (in the constellation of LEO.) Wow, that’s a mouthful and a power packed full moon in January 2019.

Ready to Grab ONTO Your greatness this year? This weekend is your chance to release the old and invite in the new.

What is so special about this month’s moon….Everything!

The moon will be the closest to the earth during a full lunar eclipse and during the January Full Wolf moon!

• SuperMoon ~ Full Moon Closest to the Earth Will Appear Huge

• Blood Moon ~ Total Lunar Eclipse Makes the Moon Look Red • Wolf Moon ~ January Full Moon is known traditionally as the “Wolf Moon,” by native peoples….Honoring the season of the wolf. • Astrological Sign of Leo ~ Independence, Power, Intelligence, Enthusiasm. Leo, ruled by the element of fire has strong masculine energy and a "Can Do Will."

What does this all mean for YOU?

The moon will appear to be a hue of red due to the lunar eclipse during the full moon in January which was named the Wolf Moon by the Native American People, because begins the mating season for wolves….they are known to howl more during January….

Mating season also hails a season of fertility or translated into prosperity. Full moon, especially in January is a great time to release the past and focus on what you want to accomplish this year. With this year’s Super Moon, the energies will be very powerful…

Combine this with a full lunar eclipse, creating a “Blood Moon,” and you’ll be amazed at what you can manifest….truly spectacular time to see the past go away and the new begin. WOLF Spirit Energy is Amazingly Powerful This Time of Year! Fertility, Manifestation, Community, Cunning

Add this to the power of the Wolf. Wolves represent the energy of intelligence, powerful instincts and a desire for freedom. They are also cunning, athletic and fast and have a strong connection to their pack or community. Combined with Leo's "Can Do" could be unstoppable in achieving your goals.

Question: What do you desire for yourself in 2019? What are you ready to release? What are you ready to accomplish? Is your “pack” supporting your growth and goals?

Embrace Your Greatness! The Time is NOW!

Take advantage of this powerful full moon and complete an Act of Power! To the native people, an act of power could include a “fire ceremony,” burning a list of the past stuff and creating a new list to manifest this year.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon will occur Sunday, January 20th and will be visible by most of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, beginning at 7:33pm and ending at 11:48pm PST.

You may search online for more information regarding the timeline and weather in your area.

With Much Love, Colleen

Let's Make 2019 the BEST Year Ever!

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