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Success Requires Looking at All Areas of Your Life

HeadsUP guidance and wellness center of Nevada, and Department of Neuro-Hypnotic sciences in Las Vegas have your best interest in heart, finding success and happiness in all areas of your life.

With life coaches such as Dr. Patrick Scott and Colleen O'Callahan-Miele you can explore the parts of your life that are working and those that could use a little therapy. They are both skilled and offer everything from CBT (talk therapy) to hypnosis (hypnotherapy), regression (time-line therapy) and many other modalities. To get you to where you want to be in your life.

Success requires looking at all areas of your life and asking what that looks like for YOU in areas of your life. Always realizing you can get support to reach that place of happiness in and with your life. We often forget to ask for help in the areas of mental and emotional success, they are key to the fullness of success in other parts of your being.

What you want to know on your path to success.

1. What are the most important aspects in your life now? -- see what comes to the top of your mind and what impacts you the most, whether that be work, home, relationships, etc.

2. What part of you needs nourished? -- what needs attention and proper care? What in yourself would you offer to someone else if you saw that need. Taking care of yourself is the key because you can’t fill tea in a broken cup, take time to fill your needs while taking care of others too. You will see in others often the very things you need to look at in your life that need care, this is a hint, take it.

3. If you could have anything right now in your life what would that be? Be specific, think of it as a "to-do" list combined with a wish list and go for it. You deserve the best, if it helps think of someone you love and think what they would deserve if they were in your shoes. You are the most important person in your life, without you those whom you love wouldn't have you to love.

4. What would success look like and feel to you? Try to put yourself in that place you imagine, that office, that house, those people, the life you would have including extra-curricular activities. You can picture success, it’s that nagging thing in the back of your mind that says come to me. Give it a chance to come to the surface and breathe.

5. What support would be most powerful and appropriate now in your current life, who would be that person, what would the resources be, where would you find them, how would you use them when they appear in your life? You CAN find support you need so be ready for it when it comes

These are actually valuable questions. It is very important, when you are trying to create change in your life or transitions, that you have support; but the right kind of support for you. Finding the right kind of support may not be simple, but it is necessary for a great life.

A life coach, therapist or success accelerator will be of help in moving forward in your life. To have someone who you can share your goals (personal and professional), with is priceless. It is easier to quantify business success. If your sales go up it’s a success. In Real Success, it’s about how you feel about you, how you are experiencing your life and your relationships and your business. It deals with a wholistic view of your life. That is easier with someone to track with you.

I want you to start feeling what Real Success means to you, and if you want to connect on this level. Sign up for a time to talk with us about your Real Success. We are as caring about you and yours as you will find, our motto at the Department of neuro hypnotic sciences at HeadsUp is "Sometimes you just need to talk" and we are here for you.



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