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Can Hypnosis Make You Smarter?

Can Hypnosis Make You Smarter?

Belief in Limitations Creates Limited People. In some cases, our beliefs limit what we think of ourselves and what we’re able to accomplish. We’re constantly being bombarded by someone else’s ideas and perceptions about our ability to learn and to be smart. This has always concerned me with our current school system. Children learn in many different ways and are constantly distracted by their environment, other children, stressful situations, chaotic home life.

What we’ve found out is that we can use the altered state of mind called hypnosis to accelerate learning and therefore actually improve intelligence. In the book Super-Learning, by Ostrander and Schroeder, many experiments were done with children who were considered low intelligence or even “retarded.” After applying a system of breath-work, relaxation and music, it was found that these children accelerated their learning within just a few weeks of using the “hypnosis” for learning sessions. These children were not considered “retarded” any longer and were actually exceeding the “smarter” counterparts.

There have been many people who have used an altered state to fluently learn new languages, play an instrument, learn math or even have total recall of information that was given while in the hypnotic state.

In one study, 2 children who could not do any math at all, were guided into the hypnotic state, with relaxing music playing in the background and were given the mathematical equations and instruction. To their surprise, they were able to understand the math, obtain high scores and found that learning was fun.

How does it work?

Whenever we enter the relaxed state of mind called “hypnosis” our regular waking consciousness or “conscious” mind drifts away from the total awareness. When this happens, it opens up a gateway into our subconscious level where all of our experiences and memory is stored. When we learn information at the subconscious level, it is stored there forever. The subconscious is unlimited in what it can contain within it, how much information it can process and maintain. While relaxing the subconscious takes over and we access that part of us that can absorb and remember information.

Have you ever had the experience that the harder you try to remember something (like test answers) the more you block yourself from remembering?

I think we’ve all been there at one time or another. The key is to relax your way to success. Once you relax, your subconscious doorway opens up and all the information you studied comes flooding up to the surface where you conscious mind can then access it.

Sometimes we’re told if you write down an answer just go with your first instinct because it’s usually correct! The reason for this is the first gut response is usually coming from the subconscious level. When the conscious mind or “doubting Thomas” overthinks it, we can make mistakes.

Using hypnosis when you are studying or learning something new is an excellent way to make yourself smarter. When you can accelerate your learning by relaxing while you listen to the information, you will definitely feel smarter! So Yes! Hypnosis can Make you Smarter!

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