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Is Hypnosis Making You Fat?

Is Hypnosis Making You Fat?

It very well could be. You’re probably thinking, what? People most often associate hypnosis with weight LOSS, not weight gain. So you may be surprised that YES, hypnosis could be making you fat. Let me explain

Hypnosis is happening all the time. People often think that hypnosis is something mysterious and not for them. Truth is we are all walking around in our own version of hypnosis all the time, based on our beliefs about what is real, what is true and therefore what we will allow into our subconscious mind.

Truth is, hypnosis isn’t anything mysterious at all and most importantly, if you’re not using it to improve yourself, hypnosis is using you and could potentially cause harm. Whatever we allow “in” (into our reality,) whether we’re aware of it or not, becomes a part of our thinking, our beliefs and ultimately, our experience.

Advertisers know when you walk into your house you go into your own special state of hypnosis. You’re relaxed, you kick off your shoes, you leave the day behind you, you let your hair down, so to speak. Next time you’re watching TV, consciously pay attention to your television commercials. Notice how in between your show, commercials come on and show you large cheese burgers or bacon, or medication, laundry detergent and more. They repeat these commercials over and over again, saturating your mind with their product or service. These ads are full of color and larger than life on your big screen. Sometimes I think I can almost smell that bacon burger as it drips with yummy goodness right in front of me.

These images send powerful messages to your subconscious mind, planting seeds of hunger, desire and the need to have something right away. Their sole purpose is to motivate you to purchase their product or service and they are very good at it.

The power of suggestion is everywhere and most prevalent on your television screen.

The answer is YES…hypnosis could be sabotaging your health and weight goals, making you crave fattening foods that are keeping you fat.

My suggestion is…turn the TV Off and go for a walk instead, listen to music, read a good book, but avoid commercial television at all costs.

If you’re falling asleep in front of your TV, this could be even worse for you.

Where Do Our Beliefs about Food Come From?

Our beliefs start when we are young with our families. Different families have different beliefs and rituals around food. For some, the importance of food or even lack of food can have a long term impact on our relationship with it.

For me, food meant happy times with my mom, my grandmother, baking cookies and singing together while hand-washing the holiday dishes. Food became a comfort for me during sad times.

Or, perhaps you were overfed by an overprotective mother or parent and food has become a source of protection.

Messages about food can play a large role in our relationship to it later in life.

Food is something we all must consume to be healthy and alive. To keep it in balance here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Make a point of being consciously aware of commercials that are trying to program your behavior.

  2. Use food to be healthy, not for emotional issues. Remember we eat to live, we don’t live to eat.

  3. Turn off the television and put information into your mind that supports your desired outcome. Positive information in, positive behaviors come out.

The more consciously you are aware of hidden subconscious programming the more powerful you will be taking great care of yourself. Decide today to STOP the unconscious hypnosis and create your own empowering hypnosis instead.

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