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Can Hypnosis Make You Smarter?

In recent studies, it has been discovered that hypnosis actually makes changes in our brain, how it relaxes and how much more it can learn and grow, experience life.

What does your brain, imagination and beliefs all have in common?

Actually, they work together to create your version of reality.

Not feeling as happy, productive, abundant and healthy as you’d like? Did you know that your beliefs are creating what you experience in every moment. When you use the power of your imagination to visualize what you desire, according to Daniel G. Amen, M.D. (author Change Your Brain, Change Your Life) changes in your brain actually occur, creating powerful responses to how you view reality and what you experience. Imagination when used for the positive, physically relaxes your brain and also releases powerful brain chemicals making you feel happier more of the time.

You choose what you view based on your beliefs about what is true and real for you. Does this always mean that what is true and real for you is the truth? Not necessarily.

It is a good practice to be observant of what you think is true. For example, if you are in an argument with someone and you believe your point of view is rock solid, think again. Take a moment to analyze your version of reality and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Sometimes taking this little step will open up your mind to an entirely different world, expanding your experience in ways that will allow you to see things in a much bigger way.

Self-Hypnosis and guided imagery are great practices to include into your life to quiet your mind, soothe your nervous system and begin the process of creating what you want for yourself. Here are just a few of the side benefits of relaxation in this way:

Decreased anxiety

Lowering Blood Pressure

Lowering Tension and Pain in your Muscles

Improved Temperament

Releasing Stress

Here is a Quick Relaxation Technique you can use to re-set your brain:

Feel Your Toes in the Sand! Find a nice place to sit and relax, or lie down if you prefer. Begin by taking several deep breaths and remember to hold your breath of a count of 1,001-1,002. Exhale through your mouth in a nice even steady stream, let all the air out and hold your breath again 1,001-1,002. Repeat 5, 6 or even 10 times. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place in nature, a place that feeds your soul. I love to think of the beach in the mountains by a beautiful Lake, or the by the ocean on the coast of California.

Really imagine you are there. Breathe in the good air all around you. Use all of your senses, your vision, see the sparkle on the water and the wild flowers, hear the sounds, smell the smells. Really be there…like you are actually there. I like to imagine my toes in the warm sand. Be fully present with this experience and allow it to unfold in whatever way works best for you.

If any random or negative thoughts come up…either about what happened before or what you need to do later, let them go and focus back on your breath. 20-30 minutes per day is all it takes. There are a lot of wonderful self-guided meditation audios out there that may help.

If you're not sure what to do, give me a call and we'll set you up with a FREE consultation for your own, personalized hypnotherapy program!

We're here to help!

Warmly, Colleen, Cht

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