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Hypno-Anesthesia Works!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s face it, everyone has been affected by this horrible cancer in one way or another. Make sure you take time to get your check up and take great care of yourself.

If you are struggling with any sort of dis-ease in your body, remember, your mind is powerful and not only can it create imbalances and cause dis-ease, you also have the innate ability to heal yourself with the power of your mind.

The key is to imagine what you want, NOT what you don’t want. Any time we’re dealing with a scary illness…our Ego mind tends to worry and project fears into the future…avoid this at all costs and instead focus on the present moment. Visualize yourself healthy, vibrant, walking, enjoying nature, laughing with friends and family….stop, breathe and observe the beauty and perfection in all nature, the cycles of life.

Did you know Hypnosis has been proven to help people overcome the stress of medical challenges? In fact in a recent segment on the Today Show…doctors are using hypnosis instead of anesthesia in the operating room! YES! Healing time is quicker, less risk than anesthesia.

In the recent study, out of 50 patients having surgery with hypnosis, only 1 needed the anesthesiologist to step in. This is huge and is direct proof of the power of our minds. Study by: Houston MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2018.

Are you struggling with an illness, worrying about the future, having trouble sleeping? If so, Hypnosis could be the perfect thing for you.

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