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Your Ultimate Life Now!

Creating Your Ultimate Lifestyle Now!

We’re smack in the middle of November which means we’re in the last 45 days of 2018. Let me ask you something. When you think about January, what did you intend to accomplish? Did you keep your promises with yourself?

Perhaps you planned on being more active or exercising regularly, make more money and achieve your dream financial goals, or maybe you were going to get that book written and published, or do something very special to improve your relationship?

The thing is, we often fall short of our plans because it’s easier to revert back into our old habit patterns. Even though our old habits may be very frustrating, yet somehow comfortable. Yet, there’s a serious kind of dis-comfort when we don’t keep agreements with ourselves.

What will it take for you to keep a commitment? How uncomfortable will you need to be, to follow through on your goals?

Sometimes we tell ourselves…”Well, self…it’s almost the end of the year, I might as well wait until January to start over again.” This is all wrong. This kind of thinking is what keeps pushing your ultimate lifestyle away from you. There is no January….there is no “New Year’s Resolutions.” There is only right now.

What if you could finish 2018 with momentum and slide right into 2019 with finesse and already well on your way to accomplishing your life goals? You absolutely can! The only thing stopping you…is you. Let’s imagine for a moment, you set aside all excuses, including the one you tell yourself about it being the end of the year. Instead, you get serious, review your goals, write down the absolute musts and commit to accomplishing and completing it by December 31st, NO MATTER WHAT?!

What could you accomplish in 45 days? What would it mean to you? How would you feel on January 1st? What would it mean for your 2019 goals? Wow! Right! If your head is not exploding off your neck….you’re just not getting it.

I invite you to make a decision, to commit and make the last 45 days of 2018 the best of your entire year. Take 2 actions per day toward your most important goal, every day, until December 31st, NO EXCUSES?!

If you find you need some assistance, call me. Hypnosis combined with coaching is a power packed tool for moving through mental and emotional obstacles and accomplishing anything you put your mind to.

November is Thanksgiving Month, so Happy Holidays, and remember to be Grateful every step of the way…Gratitude for what you have and where you are now is the key to staying positive and attracting more great things. When you make a decision, when you take action….miraculous doors and maybe even windows start opening up for you… chance meetings with key people may start happening. You will be amazed at how the universe will respond to your solid attention, intention and action.

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