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True Love Begins Within You...Happy Valentine's Day!

True Love is Your Natural State of Being:

Valentine's Day is a GREAT time to remind ourselves that true love starts within. Everything you require to attract your ideal partner, or rekindle the flames of your current relationship, is right there in your own self-worth, self-love and imagination.

Start each day by putting your hand over your heart and say to yourself with feeling: "I Love You."

You may be amazed at the feelings this stirs up in you. Your response could range from being very uncomfortable, tears, or even a feeling of deep peace. Keep at it....Let Your Love Light Shine from within and you'll find yourself attracting all sorts of loving and kind people and experiences.

Gratitude to Rekindle Your Relationship: Take a moment to be grateful for the little things about your partner which make you happy. It's so easy to get complacent and comfortable, sometimes our passion slips away.....The power of gratitude magnifies all the things about your partner you fell in love with at the start. Rekindle your passion, by appreciating the way your partner makes your coffee each morning, or cooks you dinner....or the way she wears her hair, or how he always takes out the garbage....Take a moment to look deep into your partner's eyes and smile. Take a few moments and enjoy a soft, slow, kiss....You'll be glad you did.

Happy Valentine's Day from All of Us at the Department of Neuro-Hypnotic Sciences in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With Love,


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