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Turn Your World Right Side Up!


Doesn't it seem life is upside down at the moment?

We'd like to help you turn it right side up.

We’re living in an amazing time in the history of the world, or at least in our lifetimes. But hasn’t that always been true? We know it’s all uncertain and scary on many different levels and I’d like to offer some perspective which I hope will assist you.

Every day amazing and unprecedented changes, technologies and unexpected losses and deaths happen all over the world. Most of the time we’re too busy living our lives, preoccupied within our own minds to notice. Today, something is quite different. Never have the airwaves been preoccupied with disease cases and's crazy and unsettling. Our brains don't know how to react.

A World-Wide Community:

With this World-Wide Pandemic we are afforded a unique opportunity to view the world from a completely different set of lenses. We’re all taking a deep breath, a reset, if you will, and an opportunity to pause and reflect on all that we are grateful for, perhaps simple pleasures and freedoms we have taken for granted.

Perhaps a moment to: • be creative, • complete a project, • read a book, • plant a garden, • get in shape, • start an online yoga practice, • paint a picture, • learn a musical instrument or a language, • start an online business or even • write our own great novel.

So many opportunities to choose from…truly unlimited.

Sometimes, it is in our acceptance and surrender to what is, things out of our control, for the moment, we find real peace and connection. Our struggles allow us to grow and become stronger versions of ourselves. Life is always about growth and learning. Ask yourself: “What am I learning from this?”

Victoria Sheds Her Worries and Gets Her Smile Back

Friday afternoon, I met with a young lady battling the devastating effects of depression and extreme anxiety. At 22 years old, no job, she worries about her future and what she would do if something happened to her older parents. I think a lot of us can relate to this. We did some breathing exercises and talked about the importance of changing what you focus on. I guided her through an inner reflection and self-love exercise.

After a brief hypnosis session, her tears turned to smiles and she said she felt like a huge weight had lifted off her. That is the power within your own mind to manage change and uncertainty and move forward in a positive, peaceful direction.

Once the mind stops focusing on the fearful things, your nervous system will relax and your subconscious is then available to be creative. You are unlimited being, however, the brain is wired to freeze during uncertainty, which shuts everything down, including your immune system....this is not good.

Good News...You can change it! Hypnosis works like magic!

We’re here to help:

We want you to know, we're thinking of you, encouraging you to be strong, stay peaceful in your mind and heart, focus on what you’re grateful for and take excellent care of yourself. We’ll get through this and thrive together!

Hypnosis works as effectively and can make change easy. If you would like to take this time to work out some issues you’ve been dealing with…we’re here for you. Let’s set up a time to talk and discover if this would be the best time for you to invest in yourself. If you’re an essential worker, remember we’re here for you when you’re ready to move through any trauma you’ve experienced as a result.

If you just need to talk, we're here for you.

Warmly, Colleen


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