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Attracting True Love Begins with You

I was thinking, Valentine’s Day offered us an opportunity to explore our relationships with our significant others, our family, our friends and even with ourselves.

I was thinking, Valentine’s Day offered us an opportunity to explore our relationships with our significant others, our family, our friends and even with ourselves.

It reminded us to take a moment to appreciate the person or people most important to us. Of course, I believe we should appreciate our loved ones every day, but let’s face it, sometimes we forget. Life gets in the way, right? Out of all these relationships, the most important one is the relationship with have with ourselves, yet we tend to neglect taking the time and spending the energy to work on our love affair with ourselves. Most of us are busy doing for others and looking to them to fulfil us. Yet what we need to realize is that the most important love relationship is with ourselves – take the time to nurture the beautiful spirit inside of you and your relationship with the beautiful soul that is you. When you have a healthy love for yourself, you'll attract more loving relationships into your life. How often do we put ourselves down, say mean things to ourselves? How many times/day do you berate yourself for some mistake you made or because you didn’t do something you promised yourself you would do? OUCH! I know….if you really stop and observe your own thinking during the day, the little voice in your head is often not very nice. Loving ourselves is the most important aspect of creating healthy relationships, yet most of us treat other people better than we treat ourselves. The "key element" is to forgive yourself – for everything you do or don’t do, every mistake you make has a repercussion, which causes us to learn and grow. Everything in life is about growing and learning or we wouldn’t be here. So you can stop giving yourself a hard time and recognize you’re doing the very best you can with what you know right now. Be gentle with yourself and adjust when needed. But always forgive yourself, love yourself and remember when you have a healthy inner relationship, amazing things will happen in your outer relationships with others. Being loving and kind to yourself, sets a GREAT example for people you love. When you take great care of yourself, you give a beautiful gift to the people around you love. Of course, Valentine’s Day was also a great time to take advantage of letting the people you love know how much you love and appreciate them. Take a moment to think about those special people in your life that show up, not only when times are good, but also when you’ve been at your lowest point. There’s a lot of hype and craziness around the Valentine’s Day holiday, and there’s no point feeling pressured about it, because every day is a great day to appreciate the people you love.

  • Are you struggling to feel joyful, and really understanding the importance of loving yourself?

  • Are you consumed with negative self-talk, anxiety or depression?

  • Does it take great effort to take care of yourself? Hypnosis Can Help! Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, gentle and loving process that can assist you in moving beyond negative self-talk, and old beliefs about yourself and the world around you. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: "When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change." This is so true, especially about ourselves. I'd love to hear from you. Give me a call or shoot me an email and let's talk.

With Love,



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