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Did Valentine's Day Leave You Feeling Low?

Some holidays can leave us feeling sad and deflated, especially if we don’t have loved ones to share them with.

Sometimes it feels like you're just standing there with your heart in your hand! Wouldn't you agree, for some, Valentine’s Day, especially, can be one of those holidays.

If you’re single, or if your relationship is not quite where you’d like it to be, it may have come up with a feeling of dread and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can change your mind about it and turn it into a positive experience. Be loving and kind to yourself, regardless of your relationship status.

"Change Your Mind, Change Your Life." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Although Valentine’s Day has now passed these tips will help you feel great about yourself any day and instill confidence in many different ways. Truth is, you don’t need another person to be happy and in love, you can be in love with your own life! If you are in love with someone, these tips could actually improve your relationship. As you live your life on your purpose, you exude confidence, which is very attractive.

1. Take a class ~ have you always wanted to learn a new language, get the strength and flexibility from yoga, paint a picture, or even dance? Or perhaps, you’d like to write a book, play the guitar, or learn to horseback ride. There are unlimited opportunities to learn something new that will feed your soul.

2. Plan a Day with Your Besties ~ Any day is a great day to enjoy time with your best friends. Plan a lunch or go on a hike together. Let them know how much you appreciate them with a surprise small gift and inspirational card. It’s amazing how great it feels when you give to someone else.

3. Volunteer ~ The best and easiest way to feel great is to give your time to others in need. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Help prepare food or do clean up at the local soup kitchen. Read stories to people stuck at home or in the hospital. Love animals? Volunteer at the local animal shelter or non-profit. Join a local service organization such as Kiwanis, Lyons, Rotary or a Women’s Group.

4. Enjoy a pampering day at the spa. Get a massage, mani-pedi or a facial.

5. Clean out that junk drawer or closet. It’s amazing how great it feels to get a small thing done that you’ve been procrastinating about.

6. Cook yourself a special candlelight dinner, take a bubble bath, have a marathon watching your favorite chick flicks.

7. Invite a friend over to make s’mores by your firepit. There's something so cozy and friendly about a crackling firepit shared with a good friend. Relax and enjoy with a glass of wine.

8. Go to the gym or take a long walk. Focus on your health goals today and every day. Even mild exercise relaxes your nervous system, lifts your energy into a higher vibration and gives you confidence.

9. Read a book. Take some time to read a good book you've been putting off. Indulge yourself in some fantasy. Reading is a great way to take a mind vacation.

10. Attend a music event at a local venue. Music feeds the spirit in so many ways. Let yourself relax, let your hair down and dance. Music can really uplift you in ways nothing else can.

There are so many ways to enjoy every day. The truth is, the more you take care of yourself, the happier you feel. When you feel happy and confident in your own skin, that beautiful energy radiates from you and makes you highly attractive to others.

Every day can be Valentine’s Day when you’re in love with your own life and the unlimited possibilities to nurture your soul and live your life on your own purpose.

As always, if you’re struggling to feel happy Hypnosis can help. Give us a call and let’s talk about it.

With Love, Colleen


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Chozen Child
20 feb 2022

Excellent. Thank you.. This post has great practical tips to refocus our attention. To nurture and know ourselves intimately, is a gift we give first to ourselves, then gift ourselves to like-minded people. For me, nurturing and supporting others is giving me a sense of joy and delight in they reflect kindness back. Nurturing ourselves comes full circle. I am never alone... I have Me and Myself beside me 🥰

Me gusta
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