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Are You Your Brain or Your Mind?

People often think that we are our brain. Even scientists refer to the brain as the personality or the essence of who we are. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The brain exists to be used by the mind or the “personality self.” We could define the personality self to be who you believe you are. For example, I am me and you are you.

Behind the personality is consciousness, which could be equated with the mind, but it is not the brain. Think of your brain as the central processing unit of the organic body computer you, the personality, live within. Your brain allows you to process feelings of warmth, cold, pain, comfort, hunger, etc. It also allows you to go where you want to go, moving your eyes and limbs at the moment of a thought. The brain itself doesn’t think, there is another level of you, beyond the brain that is the thinker of thoughts. This is “consciousness.”

But, even the “personality self” is not the whole picture. There are levels of consciousness that exist beyond the personality.

When we sleep at night, the personality self or conscious mind is what sleeps. The level of consciousness below the surface, never sleeps, but is always aware on some level and in fact is operating many functions while you sleep. This consciousness lives in every cell of your body and is directing a multi-complex set of instructions and processes with the function of keeping you (your body) healthy, safe and alive. For example, your heart continues beating, you breathe and your body heals.

Yet, consciousness lives not only in every cell of your body, but outside of it as well and far beyond that. Consciousness is unlimited energy and I believe, the “you,” that never dies.

Are you your brain? Yes, in some ways, while you’re living within and about your organic body computer, but on the whole, NO. Think about this: Once the brain dies and the body stops, your consciousness continues on. This may be the answer to the thousands of people who have clinically died, and returned to their bodies with stories of other places, people, heaven, dimensions, etc.

One of the basic laws of physics is that energy never dies, it only transforms. What are we made of? Vibrating molecules or pure energy. We can never truly die and the brain is an organ we use to operate our bodies, and many other functions, while we’re in the physical. But our consciousness goes far beyond the limitations of our brain.

You are your Mind and you are unlimited!

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