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Stage Hypnosis...Is it Real?

Stage Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

People often ask me if stage hypnosis is real or is that just made up? Can they really make people quack like ducks and bark like dogs?

This always gives me a chuckle, because it is pretty hilarious when you think about it. How do stage hypnotists make people do all those funny things? Of course, this is a concern to some of my clients because that is the only exposure to hypnosis they’ve ever had.

There are certainly a lot of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and I’d like to share what is real and what is show!

Yes, it truly appears as if a stage hypnotist is making people do something they don’t want to do. I’ve watched them and analyzed this breaking it down step by step. There is a way to gain rapport with some people so they tune into your instructions and do them. But first, it’s important to describe a typical stage show participant.

Everyone knows if they go up on stage to be hypnotized, they are most likely going to be acting silly in front of everyone. So why then, do these fun people volunteer to do it? Because they want to have fun and act silly.

Next, the hypnotist guides these participants into some relaxation to find out which of them are going along with the instructions. Once that has been determined, the hypnotist politely excuses the people who are not following the instructions.

So now, she has some captured audience of people who volunteered, know they’re going to be instructed to do something silly and they are following her instructions. She’s got them now. Then she takes an individual and works her hypnotic magic. She builds rapport with them, looks deep into their eyes, creates some confusion and slightly alters their balance…BAM, “1,2,3 – Sleep” and jerks on their arm…they’re gonners. It truly seems amazing and it really is.

Keep in mind that stage hypnosis is for fun and pleasure where we get to explore how wonderful our minds are and how we may use this great tool to facilitate immediate change.

Hypno-therapy, with a qualified hypnotist in a professional office with a common goal, is a bit different. Typically, everyone who comes in for hypnotherapy wants to be there and is ready to cooperate to overcome their challenge and live their life in a more positive way.

Each hypnosis session is customized for the individual after an initial consultation/discovery session so the hypnotist can determine what will be needed and make a success plan.

If you’re wondering if hypnosis could be a good fit for you, give us a call and schedule your free consultation. You’ll have nothing to lose and may actually find out how powerful your mind really is, when used in a positive way, how you may move forward in your life toward your dreams and joy.

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