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What Trances Are You Living Now?

What Trance Have You Been Living In?

Hypnosis is a mindset we experience throughout our entire lives. We all have Trances that we live in based on what we believe is true about reality. Sometimes the reality we’ve created for ourselves is not what we truly desire…. or maybe we set out to accomplish one thing, fall short or even create something entirely different.

This is an amazing and powerful time of year to move with the flow of natural rhythms of Mother Earth to reflect and regroup, as nature is doing the same.

Autumn is in full swing and this marks a time of transition in our lives in a very profound way. The cycle of Harvest is over and we’re moving towards the dormant time. This is a great time of year to reflect on what you set out to do, what you’ve accomplished and to release the energies or situations or maybe even people that are no longer serving you.

Life is always about change and learning to move with the flow. To stay in the flow and unblock stuck or stagnant energies, it’s important to take stock of where you have been, where you are and where you intend to go.

Spend some time in nature and observe how nature is moving, changing and flowing. Although the changes here in Las Vegas are more subtle there is still a definite transition taking place.

The leaves are releasing their pigmentation, turning color falling to the ground, the air is crisper and the Sun is hanging a little lower causing changes to the shadows and colors of the sky. The nights are getting longer….the dark is encroaching into the available light of our lives. Winter is on the threshold, waiting like a deep inhale to release her cleansing rains and snow.

Fall and Winter remind me, of a fetus in the womb, in the dark, growing and gestating, awaiting the moment of first breath, to move with force into the world.

Here is an exercise which could assist you to use these natural forces to learn and grow and prepare for the promise of Spring.

Prepare a sacred space or altar. Light a candle and use sacred sage to smudge yourself and the area. Reflect on what you intended to accomplish in 2017 and take accounting of what you achieved and where you fell short. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

1. What did I accomplish? (be sure to write down every little thing you’ve done. You may be surprised to discover you accomplished more than you thought.) 2. Where did I fall short? 3. What held me back? For example, lack of follow through, poor decisions or time management, people…life circumstances, lack of capital, discipline or my own beliefs. 4. What can I do differently? 5. What adjustments do I need to make? 6. Could I start today?

Write down your answers and be honest with yourself. Observe how you feel as you complete this exercise.

  • Are you accepting responsibility for your actions or lack of actions?

  • Or, are you blaming someone or something else?

  • What will you adjust or do differently to achieve your goals?

  • Where have you succeeded?

  • What could you acknowledge yourself for?

Accept responsibility for your experience and be kind with yourself. After all, you are a beautiful spirit having a human experience and everything is about growth and learning. And remember to be grateful, even for the little things. This is the season of Thanksgiving and I want you to know, I am thankful for you. Warmly, and with Love and Light,


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