Hypnosis to Cure Anxiety?

Will Hypnosis Help Me Overcome Anxiety? Is it All In Your Head?

Hypnosis is extremely effective in managing and even overcoming anxiety.

Anxiety is caused by worrying about the future. It is largely a part of our mind-set.

How does this happen? Your thoughts and what you imagine create a response in your body. Your mind and body are one consciousness. While in a comfortable and relaxed environment, hypnosis can be extremely effective in getting to the root cause of anxiety and powerful suggestions may assist in making changes in the addictive fearful thinking. However, you can change it yourself, by being aware.

When you notice the beginning of anxiety, stop, be still, breathe and focus your awareness on your breath. Follow your breath in and out. Observe your thoughts and what you are or were imagining. Was it the worst possible scenario? Your thoughts are causing the feelings.

In working with many clients with all sorts of anxiety about different things, I have found one thing in common, a powerful imagination. This is actually a great thing, because you may use your imagination to create a positive experience. The problem when it relates to an anxious response, is that you are imagining what you do not want! That powerful imagination of yours can imagine a way out as well, or imagine a scenario that is relaxed and pleasant.

Imagination is everything and your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what you imagine. If you are imaging the worst case scenario, your body will respond, just as it responds emotionally and physically, for example, when you’re watching a movie. With anxiety, the

movie is in your own mind. It isn’t real!!!

Of course, anxiety can manifests its’ ugly little head in a variety of ways: Random Panic Attacks, Fear of Driving on the Freeway, going over bridges, social anxiety, claustrophobia, fear of elevators or closed-in spaces, etc.

Psychology Today Website Blog by Author Jeff Wise, (Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind In Danger,) most anxiety is caused by the belief you lack control of the situation.

Truth is, with much data to back it up, driving on the freeway is the safest sort of driving. You may already know this, but still cannot get your imagination and emotions to agree. Flying is the same, it’s statistically proven to be the safest mode of travel, yet, I get numbers of clients who cannot get on a plane. And, even claustrophobia, people who fear closed in spaces, again “control” or lack thereof is at the heart of the issue.

Solution: Relinquish control. Truth is, we really have no control over many things. It’s best to focus on what we do have control of…that is our own thoughts and feelings. I have experienced anxiety myself, especially when I am not taking good care of my health and wellness.

Learning how to quiet your mind with hypnosis is the most powerful and effective thing you can do.

If you can’t do this on your own, it may be time to consult with a qualified Hypnotherapist. Please give us a call to discuss your options and how Hypnosis can work for you.

Get your life back!

Love, Colleen

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