Get Popular with Hypnosis! Hypnosis Secret to Being the Most Popular Person in the Room

Can Hypnosis make you popular?

Absolutely! Everything is hypnosis! This means everyone is walking around in their own state of hypnosis experience life through the lens of their own beliefs, experiences and basically their own reality.

Most people have some sort of negative thoughts about themselves: “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc.”

Everyone just wants to be loved and accepted on some level. You can make that happen when you get out of yourself and your own negative thoughts and start focusing your energy from your heart center.

If you want to be popular, that is, have people like you, then you need to connect with them in a way that radiates love and trust from your heart. People don’t care how beautiful you are, or how successful you are, or anything else…people just want to know you care about them.

People Just Want to Know You Care About Them!

The EGO is very self-centered and this is the part of us which is constantly judging everything as good or bad, pretty, ugly, to be trusted or to beware, black or white, up or down, etc. Unfortunately, most of us are walking around also judging and comparing ourselves to everyone and everything else.

LOW Self-Esteem Comes From the EGO Thinking!

This creates a lot of low self-esteem.

When you stop worrying about all your own thoughts and judgments and really tune in to the people around you, observe them…you’ll start coming from a completely different place.

Communication is 93% Non- Verbal ~ Truth is: others don’t care what you say, or what you do, they care about how you make them feel. Subconsciously, we are picking up way more information about someone, which goes far beyond what comes out of their mouth.

Want to be popular? Here is an Hypnosis Secret to Gain Popularity!

First, you have to breathe and calm your own negative thoughts. Get centered.

2. Bring the light in. Imagine a beautiful golden light flowing in through the top of your head and all around you, filling every cell in your body with LOVE and Light! Breathe it in.

3. Put your hands on your heart and with feeling, say to yourself: “I Love You.” This will fill your heart, your body, your mind with love and peace. (If want to cry, then cry. If you feel resistance and a rush of thoughts that tell you it’s not true….then this is an area you need to work on. You can’t give away something you don’t already have inside of you. VERY Important.)

4. When engaging with another person, look softly, but directly into their eyes and in your mind, from your heart, radiate “I Love You,” into their eyes, be sure to smile. You will be amazed!

5. Gently, touch their hand or shoulder and imagine you’re sending that love and light through your hands into them.

6. Sitting or standing in front of this other person, gently mirror their posture and their breathing.

7. Ask them something about them.

8. Be a “Listener.” Listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart.

9. Observe how they move, their eye movements and the words they are using.

10. If you’re empathic (feel others feelings,) notice how you feel in your own body, be aware and observe any subtle changes in how you feel.

If someone is sharing a problem or challenge with you, do your best not to offer advice…. Instead, say: “You know Sharon, you’re smart, you’re going to figure this out. Please let me know how I may help.”

Remember, as you keep your own negative thoughts neutral more of the time, you’ll raise your own vibration, shine your light and automatically be very attractive. Try these tools out and watch your popularity soar!

Want to learn more about Hypnosis and how it can help you? Call me today and let's talk.

Warmly, Colleen

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