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Healing the Wounded Warrior

Departmement of Neurohypnoticsciences,Heads Up Guidance and Counseling along with RYK Yoga studio offer great therapists that are trained in multiple methods of therapy. There is included but not limited to, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), MERT (Mental and emotional release therapy), Hypnotherapy, Time line therapy (regression), and many more. They are there to help, they focus on finding the best treatment for each client and finding what will help you to the greatest outcome. Mary Colleen O’Callahan-Miele and Dr. Patrick Scott want to help you find the best you and support that with follow-up care. Psychotherapy given with love.


All healing is self-healing. We often are focused on helping and healing others in our lives whether that is a pat on the back or bedside care. We are all carers in one way or another and have those in our lives to whom we would give all for. The thing we need to remember is that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to be there for anyone else. I was once told “you can’t drive someone to the hospital on an empty tank” meaning we need to keep ourselves healthy, mentally and emotionally as well as physically to offer the best care to others. Therapy isn’t just for the broken but for the strong as well, we all can learn to strengthen our mental and emotional muscles just as we do our physical ones, just as using a coach or personal trainer helps, so do therapists and counselors.

In the healing world there is such a thing as the “wounded healer.” This is someone who gives their all without taking the effort and time to renew their strength and psyche.. . This can end up weakening on any and all levels. We as caring persons want to give our all and can do, but need to keep ourselves balanced and trained and fulfilled with the healing we share. Just as you would need CPR to effectively administer It In a crisis. We need tools to help others in their needs. Those tools can be gathered in your own healing as a child, as you were growing, or as an adult. We all find those who need help we don’t have the skills to help with and referring them is a viable option as is going yourself to a trusted guide or counselor to see if they have help in that area.

Therapy helps us to look within not just at the junk and painful memories as the movies and TV would have you see. Counseling can improve our lives just as taking classes at school does, but on a more personal and confidential level. To offer yourself the gift of healing gives you many more tools to help not just for others but in your own life as well. To know thyself is to know what makes us tick and what are our triggers and strengths, it is a martial art of the mind.

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