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Not Facing Your Fears Leads to Weakness

The Only Way to Get Over Fear is to Just Do It!

Fear is a normal part of life and everyone feels it, especially when we try something new. Whenever we enter new territory, we experience some level of uncertainty and fear and it’s completely normal and actually expected. Most fear in our world is based on our own thinking. Social fear or fear of doing something we’ve never done before, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid or ridiculous, fear of failure, fear of success…all these fears are self-made in our own mind.

Sales people often experience this kind of fear, that people won’t like them, or won’t buy from them, which can lead to self-sabotage or what is often called “call-reluctance.” To be successful in sales requires the professional sales person to reach out and contact a lot of people, set appointments and present a product or service. The success is in the numbers and is really a statistical game. The more people you contact and present to, the more sales you make. But the person who is afraid of getting out there, getting on the phone, making initial contact and following up are most likely not going to experience the kind of success they desire. The fear is all in their head.

Fear of speaking is another type of fear we can all relate to. It’s been said that people would rather die than get up and speak in front of a group or crowd. Actually, I think that fear of public speaking is right up there with fear of death. They seem to be in the same category of intensity.

Most people find that once they get up and speak in front of others many times, it becomes more natural and the fear subsides. Which is why it is best to acknowledge the fear, but do it anyway!!!

Most of the time you’ll find that once you face up to something and just do it, you find the fear wasn’t “real.” The fear lives only in your mind and in the uncertainty of never having done something.

Hypnosis can help.

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