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Worrying Could Be Worse for You Than Small Pox!!!

I was thinking about the recent news about vaccinations and making them mandatory in a free country. There’s been a tremendous amount of buzz about those not wanting to be forced to get vaccinated and it made me realize how much worry all this creates. Worry about disease, worry about getting sick, worry about the safety of vaccines, worry that our government has too much control over our bodies.

The news, the medical profession, the government going on and on about it all, public safety, the risks, the costs etc, etc.. Then I realize that all of this hype and worry was much more harmful than the actual disease they are trying to prevent.

Reality is, a very small percentage of our population in the U.S. actually ever contracts serious diseases such as small pox and dies from it. Yet, all this stress and worry created as a result of this mass hysteria is much worse and in a much larger way, affecting more of the population.

We know without a doubt that stress and worry is the cause for many diseases and psychological challenges. Stress causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and attacks, Insomnia, achy muscles and joints, anxiety and lack of focus and productivity, to name a few.

Bet you didn’t know that worrying can also make you fat, as the resultant stress releases the cortisol steroid related to that so horrible and dangerous belly fat. Obesity all on its own is a host to many health risks and stress and worry are not of any value, does not need to be added to our already hectic lives.

So it makes you wonder at the logic of mass hysteria over vaccinations, when only a small percentage of people will ever be affected as opposed to the larger percentage of the population subjected to the stress and worry about it and all the resultant diseases. It seems way out of whack to me.

Do you often worry about things outside of your control?

I’d like to share a 5 step process that has really worked for me to keep my stress level down in all sorts of scenarios that could threaten my peace of mind, and to focus on what’s truly important in my life besides worrying about vaccinations and preventing some obscure disease.

Step I – Take a moment to analyze your situation. Recognize it for what it is, something you probably didn’t want to have happen. Ask yourself – Do I have any control over this? If the answer is yes, then Step 2 will be a list of ideas and action steps you could take to fix the situation.

If the answer is No, then there’s no point worrying about it. Step 2 is then to take a deep breath and release the entire situation to God, your Higher Self, Your Higher Power, the Universe, your angels, whatever works for you. Ask for resolution, guidance or a new door (or window) opening. Trusting and Faith that new information will become available in perfect divine timing, will make it easier to relinquish the idea of control, that you didn’t have any way. Be very clear with yourself…is this a situation you can change right now or now. Then let it go.

Step 3 – Surrender. Easier said than done. Sometimes I take a few moments to uncover the absolute worst possible thing that could happen and then just accept that it could be something you may have to live with, for now. Remember, there’s no such thing as failure, only growth and learning. Accepting the absolute worst possible thing and embracing it can actually be quite freeing!

There have been countless times, I have done this and it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and all of a sudden, I relaxed, my mind cleared and a new solution presented itself! It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s amazingly refreshing. What you will usually find out is the situation is not quite as bad as you initially believed.

Eckart Tolle says: “The reason you are unhappy is because you resist what is!”

This has been so true for me!!! The moment I’ve stopped resisting and just embrace the crappy situation for what it is, I stop being so unhappy and new possibilities begin to spring forth into my awareness. It’s liberating!!!

“When we have accepted the worst – we have nothing more to lose and psychologically it means a new release of energy!” Dale Carnegie

Step 4 – Ask Your Higher Self or Subconscious go out and find a new answer or new information and bring it back into your conscious awareness. This is an amazing self-hypnotic tool that has absolutely fascinated me at how great it works! Ask for the intended information or solution in a solid tone, such as: Inner Wisdom, be aware of the challenge I’m having with _______________. Go to the highest levels necessary and locate the solution to this challenge and bring back into my conscious awareness for execution. Then just let it go and do something enjoyable: laugh, exercise, take a bike ride, meditate or give your dog a bath, enjoy some wine or tea with some friends and forget about it. By shifting your energy, you take your mind to a new level where fresh possibilities are awaiting your discovery. Things are never as bad as they seem!

Step 5 – Still not sure – Use the Serenity Prayer! I LOVE this prayer, it is so right on:

“God, grand me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference!” Whew….like a weight off my shoulders and a breath of fresh air! Try it! You will experience the freedom yourself! Remember to turn off the news and all their pandemonium about this or that…the stress they cause is much worse than the actual information, which is typically trivial!

Take Care and Stop Worrying!


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