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Planting Flowers will Relieve Stress

Feeling Blue? Stressed Out? Plant some flowers.

Putting your hands in Mother Earth is a great way to get your mind of stressful things and raise your vibration to a higher level. There’s something about being outside, digging in the dirt and planting flowers that makes us feel better.

Put the phone away in the house and focus on the task at hand, nurturing the ground, loving the flowers…when your mind is focused on an artful task, you will quiet down negative thinking and emotions. When all the mind chatter is gone, stress goes away too. Stress is a direct result of our own thinking. It doesn’t really exist, except in our own mind.

Gardening naturally quiets our negative thoughts, creating a deep sense of peace and an innate connection with our planet, our universe. Not only that…you’re getting some good exercise and the fresh air will help you rest better.

The side benefit…a beautiful environment filled with color and joy!

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