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What Does Independence Mean to YOU?

Mental and Emotional Blocks can make us feel like we have no control over our own lives. I understand.

We just celebrated Independence Day in America and it started me thinking about what Independence really means. Especially when it comes to living our lives in the happy, healthy, joyful way we so truly desire.

What does Independence Mean to YOU? More money, better health, travel, loving relationships?

Sometimes it seems like the harder we try to lose weight, or create healthy fulfilling relationships, or even break a bad habit, the harder it is. True Independence is being able to overcome our limiting beliefs – to break free from destructive thinking that makes us feel badly, frustrated and defeated…To me, Independence is being able to live my life as I choose…to do the things I want to do, that feeds my soul.

When we don’t have this kind of Independence, when we continue to feel frustrated and unfulfilled, this causes stress.

This is why I LOVE hypnosis – Right away, when you enter the beautiful, relaxed state of hypnosis, you begin to feel better. By quieting down your mind chatter, breathing deeply and relaxing, you give your nervous system a much needed break from the pressure of your personality (that constant thinking, judging and juggling.) You can change your thoughts to something more empowering when you’re relaxing.

Hypnosis immediately relieves stress.

There have been many scientific studies in Neuro-Science that indicate hypnosis/meditation causes positive changes in the elasticity of the brain and its’ ability to function at a higher level. When using hypnosis with a qualified hypnotist, you are able to accomplish even more. In the relaxed state or alpha brain wave, the hypnotist will guide a healing session toward releasing past trauma, changing habits or helping you move toward your goal! Nothing gets easier than that.

When you’re relaxing and visualizing, you are using more of your brain. The alpha brainwave is synonymous with balancing both left and right hemisphere’s of the brain, so they are working together synergistically. Immediately the ego mind chatter slows down. This is a great state of mind to make changes toward what you desire for yourself instead of staying trapped in self-defeating habit patterns and ways of thinking!!!

This is what I call True Independence! When you’re truly creating the life you desire and deserve for yourself, living on your own terms, attracting prosperity and loving, fulfilling relationships…you are FREE. Free from the chaos, depression, financial stress, self-loathing! Nothing is better and Nothing should be of more importance to you in your life than to have and maintain….your personal Independence Day!

We can help! Are You Ready to create YOUR Independence?

Call me for a consultation and let's explore the possibilities for you!

With Love,


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