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Hypnosis for Happiness? You Bet!

Connect with Your Higher Self…Look Within to Find True Happiness

October is such a fun month. There are many important “awareness” campaigns going on, like “Breast Cancer Awareness,” “Domestic Violence,” and many cute holidays, such as, “Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day,” “Sweetest Day,” (Valentine’s Day in October,) and my favorite, “Halloween!”

The weather is fun too, because you can feel the obvious changes going on, bringing in the Fall in a big way. Fall always gives me a moment to pause and reflect. I enjoy sitting in the silence, listening to the gentle breeze and observing the leaves, feeling the flow of a different energy from the hustle bustle of summer. I remember a time when this was not always easy.

EGO Mind Keeps You From Recognizing the True You Which is Spiritual Energy and Perfection

Sometimes, sitting quietly is difficult as our EGO mind loves to chatter away and judge everything. It is our EGO mind which keeps us stuck in frustration and unhappiness, always wanting more and what it can’t have. EGO thinking has you looking everywhere outside yourself for validation and fulfillment.

Is Your EGO Out of Balance?

Question for you: Are you the kind of person who can be home alone in complete silence? Or, do you have the television or radio running all the time? Are you comfortable with you? Do you like your own company, or do you constantly have to find others to be around? True power manifests in the energy field of silence.

These questions are key in determining why you are or are not truly happy.

Question 2: Is Your Self-Talk Positive? What do you say to yourself?

Toxic thoughts of fear, anger, regret, envy, hatred are poisonous to your body. Experts say we think about 60,000 thoughts per day. These thoughts are typically orchestrated by our insecure EGO which is constantly judging everything, including ourselves. Have you ever recorded the negative things you say to yourself? Try it.

Record Your Thoughts for 2 Hours: Get out a piece of paper or an audio recorder and every time you think something negative, record it. Do this for just a couple of hours…you will probably be shocked.

You would never speak to your best friend the way you talk to yourself. If you did, they probably wouldn’t stick around long.

Your powerful subconscious mind hears or registers those thoughts and gives you more of what you’re thinking about or imagining in the form of feelings. Your emotional status is a direct result of your thoughts and focus. Emotions are energy and the lower the vibration the worse you will feel….the higher energy vibration, the better you feel.

For example: Let’s say you’re having lunch with a good old friend and he/she is doing very well, has an amazing long-term relationship, successful business, looks fit and healthy. While he/she is talking about their recent trip to Europe with all their kids, inside you’re thinking how awful your life is, how you haven’t accomplished anything or can’t make any relationships work….you’re green with envy and self-deprecation, (negative self-talk.)

IS YOUR EGO on over-time, my friend? The EGO is never satisfied, always comparing itself to other’s markers in life. You can easily see how it created unhappiness in the above scenario.

Question 3: Do you find reasons to gossip or talk about others and divulge secrets?

Gossiping is an indication your EGO has taken over. An enlightened, confident person has no need to discuss other people in any situation. Gossip is a sign of EGO weakness and lack of connection to your Higher Self or Source. Typically gossiping about someone else is a way to make yourself look good or important to others! Reality: it makes you appear weak and small and someone who cannot be trusted. Make a commitment in this moment, never talk about someone else unless it’s to say something fabulous about them.

You know what? Life is too short to be so serious and say mean things to yourself or anyone else. Instead, let your silly-self come out and have some fun. Be the person others want to be around by learning how to sit still with yourself, love yourself and laugh at yourself.

Take a time out to do something nice for the important people in your life. You’ll be so glad you did. It always feeds our soul to be kind and surprise someone with a special note or unexpected gift.

Warmly, Colleen

And if you'd like to explore some Hypnosis...let me's amazing what you can accomplish with a little help! Lifelong issues, melt away when you use Hypnosis.

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