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10 Tips to Get Ready for Summer

10 Steps to Dropping Weight Fast for Summer

Mother’s Day just passed and it’s unbelievable that Summer is right around the corner. Are you still struggling to get that bikini body or drop that extra 20 pounds you’ve been carrying around your middle?

I know what a struggle it can be.

Becoming a hypnotherapist was the best thing I ever did because I realized that weight challenges had nothing to do with the umpteen diets I’ve tried and failed at, but because the true issue with weight starts inside my own head…that’s right. There are all sorts of amazing studies and trials showing a 1,001 diets that should work, but they don’t.

Why don’t diets work?

Because diets do not address the main cause of emotional eating, comfort eating, or subconscious programs, beliefs and blocks surrounding food and body image. To succeed:

First, you have to get your mind-set right. This means changing your beliefs about food, yourself and the world around you. Then comes the right diet for the right person and the right life-style. Truth is, when you get this right, you’ll never diet again. (After all the word “die” is right in the word diet…I know, we’ve all heard that before, but it’s true.)

I’d LOVE to talk with more about this amazing power-house hypnosis program. Feel free to get in contact with me so we can discuss your particular challenges and how we may be able to help.

Here are 10 Steps to Getting Healthy, Dropping Weight and Being Ready for Summer! Focus on Being Healthy, Not Weight!

  1. Start by Loving Yourself. If you spend time being self-critical, saying mean things to yourself….your body will not cooperate. Tell you beautiful body, how much you love it, regardless of what shape you are in. Think of it this way: if you spoke to your best friend the way you speak to your own body….he/she probably wouldn’t talk to you any more.

  2. Forgive. It’s amazing how much energy and stress we hang onto when we hold onto past hurts and betrayals…Sit quietly and forgive others, forgive yourself…release the past completely.

  3. Embrace Right Now. Stop worrying about the past and the future. The only thing you need to worry about, is enjoying this moment…making the most out of today. Make a small step…take a walk, stretch, read a book…breathe! You’re your best you, right now.

  4. Drink a large glass of fresh, filtered water with lemon first thing in the morning. Warm water is best. It helps flush out toxins, alkalize your body and give you a metabolism boost. In some cases it can even help you feel less hungry.

  5. Combine foods in the correct way. If you’re loading lots of carbs, the wrong kind of carbs…your slowing your metabolism…Correct food combinations are the quick and easy way to drop weight fast. There are tons of books on the market about this.

  6. STOP emotional eating habits. Sit quietly, breathe…feel your feelings. Whatever you’re trying to stuff down with that ice-cream…let it come right up into the light of your conscious awareness…only then will it lose it’s power. Emotions won’t kill you, but over eating might!!! Yikes!

  7. Move Your Body! Do it because it feels good and gives you more energy…Make a decision to make exercise, walking, yoga, whatever you enjoy, a priority. This means the absolute first thing you do no matter what!

  8. Make your health your #1 priority. Everything goes better with health. Sweat, Stretch. Put it on your calendar as the first order of the day.

  9. Turn off the TV…television commercials program your subconscious to make you feel bad about yourself if you don’t eat that cheeseburger, etc. The negative nature of TV programming and news causes stress in your body, releasing cortisol which is linked to belly fat. Eat your meals in a quiet, friendly environment with some soft music and candle light, not in front of the TV.

  10. Eat regular meals every day. Avoid getting overly hungry or too full. Staying regular, keeps your metabolism burning all day and you can resist the urge to grab that cookie at the office…(be honest, 2-4 cookies.) LOL. It's easy to reach for junk food when you're hungry. Be prepared with healthy snacks and meals.

Remember, you are a beautiful spirit having a human live in your organic computer body suit...take care of it...your body loves you and works very hard every day to keep you healthy, safe and alive....feed it with love and healthy fuel to help it do its' job.

Hypnosis can help! If you're struggling with bad habits....hypnosis is the easiest, fastest way to make positive changes.

With Love,



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