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Upgrade Your Environment, Upgrade Your Life!

Are you achieving the success you’ve always desired for yourself?

Do you realize your environment determines how you feel? Are you living in a cluttered environment? Do you have things in your home or office, you haven’t looked at for years?

Perhaps it’s time to do an upgrade.

When we have a lot of clutter and stuff that is just sitting there, not serving any purpose, it can create blocks in our subconscious mind.

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true, based on a few of these premises:

1. Your subconscious mind is aware of everything going on around you. 2. Clutter bogs down a portion of your mind relative to the amount of clutter. 3. Everything is energy. The more clutter, the lower the vibration. 4. Some energy is moving at high frequencies and some is stagnate and taking up important space.

Clutter is energy taking up space in your life and your mind.

Clutter can keep you stuck in mediocrity and prevent you from focusing on what you desire.

By Decluttering your environment, you free up that SO important mind space. You gain clarity.

Release and access vital energy in your brain that’s been stagnate due to the clutter.

ACCESS More of Your Brain Power by De-Cluttering Your Life!

Do you have drawers and closets full of stuff you haven’t seen in years? It’s time to bite the bullet, get in there and get rid of it. By throwing out or donating old clothes and items, you create a major shift in the energy of your environment, actually allowing the energy to move and accelerate. When energy moves, anything is possible.

Your thoughts and imagination are energy and when your mind is bogged down by clutter, it’s almost like closing the door or window to your creativity and inspiration. Get rid of the clutter and allow those windows and doors to open wide and let in the light!

You will be amazed at how this clearing out ritual can transform your mind and your life!

Does Your Environment Need an Upgrade?

Look around you…..really look. Does your artwork and decor reflect your dreams, goals and desires?

Is it time to get rid of some old artwork? Perhaps, it’s time to repaint and freshen things up. Does your color scheme and surroundings relax you and serve your purpose?

Does your environment help you or hinder you from achieving your goals? For example, when you walk into your house, do you feel relaxed and happy? Or does the environment create stress?

Are you spending your time in front of the TV or electronics? Or, are you turning that off and allowing your mind and body to truly wind down and be present in the moment?

It’s your home, it’s your environment, make it work for you.

Your Health Environment will Benefit from an Upgrade!

Are you trying to lose weight or stay on a healthy program? What’s in your pantry or refrigerator? Is it full of junk food, or only those foods in alignment with your goal of being healthy?

Remember, your habits are stored in your subconscious mind, and I can guarantee you, in a late night moment of weakness, your old habits and programs in the subconscious will win over your will-power every time. Keep your food environment in alignment with your health goals! Seriously, if you do not want to consume something unhealthy, why have it in your home?

Your energy vibration will resonate with what is in your environment. If there's something vibrating at a lower rate than your goals, get rid of it! Serious, do you want to resonate with potato chips and soda? Probably not!

Make it Easy on Yourself so You Succeed!

Instead, support yourself by changing your environment! The best thing to do: Eliminate the toxic food from your environment and you won’t have to work so hard against yourself! HA! It’s too easy!

Upgrading your environment to work for you is one of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to create an amazing life. Make a commitment to yourself….start NOW! Don’t wait. Throw things out, update and de-clutter and get rid of toxic stuff that is out of alignment with your dreams and goals.

If you need help...give me a call. Hypnosis is a GREAT way to achieve mental clarity and organization.

With Love, Colleen

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