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Can Hypnosis Help You Be Independent? Maybe So.

We just celebrated Independence Day in America and it got me thinking about the true meaning of the word Independence and how it relates to Hypnosis.

The Question: "What does Independence mean to you?" Can have many different answers.

Some people might see independence as being free from stress, or the ability to make decisions without being told what to do by someone else or worrying about what other people think.

Others may believe it has more to do with not having any personal obligations and living life on their own terms.

Perhaps for you Independence means the Freedom to stop thinking in negative and destructive ways.

FREEDOM may include being alone in a completely secluded place with no outside interference.

It can also be about having freedom from stress and worry and just enjoying life for what it is without any worries or concerns. What does independence mean to you?

Whatever your definition of "independence," there are some things you can do to feel less stressed and more in control of your day-to-day life.

Here are some ways you can start feeling more independent today:

1) Make sure all commitments for tomorrow and the next week are written down so they are easy to track and you don’t have to use your precious brain energy trying to remember everything you need to get done in your head. When you try to remember things in your head, it uses up energy that you could be better utilized for other things. This can make you feel more tired than necessary and even affect your ability to feel joyful more of the time.

2) Take 10 minutes every night before bed for yourself to watch tv, read a book, or soak in a nice bubble bath. Self-care and alone time are very important in embracing your independence.

3) Quiet your mind of negative chatter. Meditation is a great way to relax, recharge and take all that pressure off your nervous system. Start by finding a relaxed and quiet space. Take 6-10 deep breaths in and blow out. It is amazing what just stopping, and breathing can do for you.

4) Make a commitment to get out in nature every day. Even a morning or evening walk around the block can make a huge difference.

5) Choose work that you enjoy. If you’re working for someone else’s dream, and feeling resentful that you’re not pursuing your own passions, you are not truly independent. Research work that feeds your soul. Life is short, getting up every day for a JOB that is unfulfilling or even stressful isn’t worth it when there are SO many opportunities to work in a field that fits you, your dreams and your personality.

6) Feed your mind each day with positive information. Read…spend 30 minutes each day reading inspiration books, affirmations or stories. Decide to be happy. A great suggestion by author and success coach Dean Graziosi is to schedule an alarm on your phone and send yourself a positive message in the middle of the day to help you focus on joy and gratitude.

Whatever your version of “Independence,” make it a priority to live your best life no matter how challenging outside circumstances may seem. Happiness is the secret to success in every area of your life.

How can Hypnosis help you have Independence? By getting to the cause of any unhappiness, releasing the past and learning to focus on what you desire for yourself instead of what you don't want.

We can help. With the guidance of a professional hypnotherapist, you can overcome those emotions and thoughts that keep you stuck in place, so you can move beyond those frustrations and embrace happiness and freedom.

Give me a call.

With Love, Colleen

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Chozen Child
Sep 29, 2021

Colleen.. I have been enjoying the wisdom you present in your monthly newsletters The posts, for me, are well written. Each point of information builds to form a complete thought I can easily follow without investing a lot of energy trying to understand By having understanding, I can use wisdom to modify my behavior from over-reacting to direct and appropriate responses I have experienced renewal and growth which I directly credit NLP and biofeedback This works! Thank you Hollis

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