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Do You Sabotage Yourself?

What is Your Upper Limit?

Do you ever find yourself making huge strides or even consistent steps forward with your business, your exercise program, your positive affirmation routine, your relationship, things are going really well and BAM, something bad happens that pulls you off track….AGAIN!?

What could be more frustrating? It happens to all of us because of our own comfort zone.

The subconscious mind abhors wasting energy and will reset you back to your original comfort zone as to avoid the unknown and what might be involved energy wise. The ego or conscious mind loves to thrive on drama and so likes to be stuck in the misery that causes it.

I know it sounds crazy…why do we do this to ourselves? It happens to all of us. Whenever we are moving into the unknown it takes energy to learn something new, overcome our uncertainty and break through to the next level.

Gay Hendricks calls this your “Upper Limit,” in his book The Big Leap, Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.” According to Gay, you will sabotage yourself, by creating sickness, have an accident, behave badly out of the blue or even sabotage your relationship.

Consciously, you make the decision to be the best version of yourself. This is the year you’re going to do everything right and achieve success, to be the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Somehow you manage to sabotage yourself at your best moment by behaving badly, getting in an accident or even picking a fight with your loved one.

"Self-Sabotage is When We Say We Want Something, Then Go Around Making Sure It Doesn't Happen!"

Alyce Cornyn-Selby

Sometimes when we’re actually achieving what we desire and things are going great we can reach this threshold where we are uncomfortable being happy and successful.

Have you ever had the experience that the harder you try to do something, the harder it is?

We all have. It’s like deciding to lose that 20lbs and the moment you decide, you want to eat everything in sight….or you drop 10 lbs and then sabotage yourself by going crazy eating and stop getting up and working out.

This is the absolute definition of the “Upper Limit!” Hidden deep in our own subconscious there may be a hidden belief or program that will reset every time you try to move to another level, the level just beyond your comfort zone.

Although you may truly want to be healthy and lighter, or in love, or bring in more money, there may be a part of you that is uncomfortable with that. It’s the “unknown.” For example, you may even have a deeply buried belief that it is more comfortable to stay fat, then to do the work of being in shape, etc.

The best way to get to the root cause of this “Upper Limit” mentality is with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy guided by a qualified hypnotist is the quickest and easiest way to work directly with the subconscious and release those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Give me a Call Today and Let's Push You Through Your Upper Limit!

Warmly, Colleen


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