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Thoughts Make Change Possible?

Do you ever think about how your thoughts and words move you? If you're not careful with them, they can cause a lot of pain for yourself and others. But if you choose them wisely, they can move mountains!

This blog post is all about what we say in our heads and out loud every day that moves us forward or holds us back from who we are meant to be.

I have a confession. I believe that my thoughts and words are powerful, and they can move me in the direction of what I want to create for myself.

It is believed that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit.

I am always on the lookout for ways to make my life better and have learned some great habits from reading books like The Power of Intention, by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This book will help you understand how your thoughts can affect your reality so you can create what you want in both your present and future lives.

What I think and say about myself, others, and the world around me moves me ever closer to the truth of my being. The more I pay attention to my thoughts and words, the easier it becomes for me to recognize when my thinking is distorted. When I notice that a particular thought or word isn't serving me well anymore, then with an intention of self-compassionate curiosity (not judgment), I can explore why that's happening.

What would happen if I stopped relying on my thoughts and words to define me? What would happen if I could stop the inner dialogue that's been going on in my head for most of my life?

It is absolutely with your power to change your mind and your life experience will follow. Need help? Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping you release the past, dissolve negative thoughts and replace them with the thoughts that will move you toward your dreams and desires.

Hypnosis makes it easy.

With Love, Colleen


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